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Mussels PEI Prince Edward Island – The freshest, highest quality available



Oysters: Our market typically has six to ten varieties of oysters in the shell to choose from Daily (Call in advance and our staff will prepare oysters on the half shell for takeout –served on a bed of ice in an aluminum pan)

Sample of the varieties of oysters in the shell that we provide:

Beavertail - These oysters are harvested from the East Passage of Narragansett Bay, in Rhode Island. Beavertails are very clean and deeply cupped. There name comes from the fact that there size and shape resembles a beaver’s tail. They have and elaborate briny flavor with hints of sweetness.

Beau Soleau - These oysters are harvested from the Acadian Peninsula in New Brunswick, Canada. For a cocktail oyster the Beau Soleau has a surprisingly high meat yield and a briny flavor. Beau Soleau oysters reinforce the theory that good things come in small packages.

Blue Point - These oysters are harvested from specific areas of the Long Island Sound. Blue points take 4 years to mature and can grow as large as 3-4 inches in size. Blue Points are an exceptional oyster with a crisp texture, gorgeous salinity and whispers of celery on the finish. A taste of a Blue Island Blue Point is reminiscent of a refreshing splash of a salty summer wave on a hot shore!


Gadaleto’s will provide shuckers for your clam bake or arrange catering for your entire party

Deepwater Wellfleet - These oysters are from Massachusetts grown in the section of Cod Bay known as Wellfleet Harbor. Wellfleet Harbor is characterized by nutrient rich waters with enormous tidal flows that empty much of the harbor at low tide producing some of the highest quality oysters in the world. Wellfleets have deep cups with very plump meats. The flavor is marked by a distinct seaweed flavor that is very salty.

Hurricane Island – New Brunswick, Canada. The Hurricane will certainly sweep you away! A force to be reckoned with, it has a delicate flesh that isn’t without a satisfying ‘snap’ under tooth. It has a pretty, salty sweet finish with lingering notes, faint floral tones and wheatgrass pleasantly hanging on the palate for a few more moments of savoring. This oyster will certainly leave its mark. Ram Island -Connecticut - This oyster is a tender brute! The large, plump flesh belies it's elegant texture and gentle saltiness. The delicate but high-toned salinity is in tugging contrast with its lovely yeasty, earthy and almost loamy finish.

Katama Bay - These oysters are harvested from Katama Bay located on the southeast side of Martha’s Vineyard. The oysters take 2-3 years to reach market size. The flavor is medium in salt content, and very sweet. The finish is soft, clean and even sweeter. Kumamoto- These oysters are harvested from Humbolt Bay. Kumamotos take approximately three years to reach market size. Kumamoto’s are mildly fruity and sweet with a slightly mineral finish and a rich buttery texture.

Naked Cowboy - Taste Like its namesake, the Naked Cowboy from New York Long Island Sound, is lively and refreshingly salty. This plump and meaty oysters smooth texture is a perfect complement to its playful salinity and rugged savory finish.

Onset - These oysters are a farmed oyster that grows at the head of Buzzard’s Bay near the village of Onset in Massachusetts. Onsets take 3-4 years to mature. They have very plump meat with lots of liquid. They are salty with a sweet seaweed finish.

Pleasant bay - These oysters are harvested from Pleasant bay a large body of water located on the ocean side of Cape Cod. The oysters take approximately 3 years to mature. They have a salty flavor that is clean and crisp.

Summerside - These oysters are harvested from the north side of Prince Edward Island, in Canada. Summerside oysters are plump and silky and the flavor is moderate in salinity. The finish is clean and very sweet.

Tomahawk - These oysters are harvested from New York’s Shinnecock Bay. Roughly shaped like a tomahawk with a razor-sharp zing of pleasant salinity, it's easy to see how this oyster got its name. Light and crunchy flesh gives way to a sweet, faintly rustic sage note, and distinctly flinty finish.

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