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We have a large selection of the freshest seafood available everyday

Specific daily selection of seafood is dependent on Market Availability. We buy from vendors who are committed to sustainability of seafood.

Please feel free to call us at 610-430-7777 if you have any questions about availability of your favorite seafood item. Being a Fresh Fish Market our selection changes constantly. If you call in advance we can usually have what you want within a day or two if the item you want meets our high standards for quality and is available in US markets.

We Sell Retail to the general public and wholesale to many of the Finer Restaurants in the area Our wholesale business assures rapid product turn over and enables us to maintain our pledge to see sell seafood that is always fresh.

A partial listing of seafood we offer for sale:

Blue Fish
Catfish- (Domestic Farmed) fillet regular
Catfish (Domestic Farmed) fillet –W/ Cajon Seasoning or Lemon Pepper Spiced
Wild Cod
Chilean Sea Bass fillet
Wild Yellow- Tail Flounder fillet
Wild Grouper fillet- Fresh store cut
Grouper whole
Halibut fillet-Fresh store cut
Wild Mahi-Mahi fillets- Fresh store cut
Monkfish fillets
Domestic Wild Red Snapper fillets- Fresh store cut
Domestic Wild Red Snapper whole –Fresh store cut
Salmon –North Atlantic farmed raised fillets/steaks -Fresh store cut
Salmon- Scottish farm raised Fillets/steaks-Fresh store cut
Salmon –Norwegian King Salmon
Wild Salmon –Multiple Varieties – Seasonal –In season we will have 2-3 varieties available
Whole Poached Salmon-Deli Item
Wild Scallops- Dry under 10 per pound-These are Day Boat Scallops –Chemical Free
Wild Scallops- Dry 10-20 per pound-These are Day Boat Scallops –Chemical Free
Scallops - Bay
Wild Sea Bass
Shad and Shad Roe
Wild Striped Bass-Fillet Fresh store cut
Sole fillet
Wild Swordfish steaks- Fresh store cut
Trout –Rainbow-Boneless
Wild Ahi Tuna –steaks from #1 loins

Use Our Award Winning Crab Cake Mix as a Delicious Combo:

Founder Stuffed W/ Crab Meat
Salmon Stuffed W/ Crab Meat
Trout Stuffed W/Crab Meat
Cooked Lobster Stuffed W/Crab Meat
Jumbo Shrimp Stuffed W/Crab Meat Mushroom Caps Stuffed W/ Crab Meat- Appetizer

Crab Cake

Smoked Items – Large Variety:

Smoked Bluefish
Smoked Whitefish
Smoked Trout

Holiday Specialty Items:

Calamari: Fresh, Cleaned Tubes & Tentacles
Salt Cod -Baccala

Appetizer Trays and Family Size Appetizers 

Shrimp Trays

Lobster Mac and Cheese 
Calamari (Squid) With Dip
Fried Smelts 

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