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The History of Gadaleto’s Seafood Market

A Family Tradition of Quality Since 1945

Andy Gadaleto, owner and operator, represents the fourth generation of Gadaleto’s at the helm of a family owned seafood market. Andy’s Great Grandfather (Angelo) and Grandfather (Ignatius) started the first Gadaleto’s Seafood Market in 1945 in upstate New York. Andy’s Uncle Steve who trained him, established the current Gadaleto’s Seafood Market and Four Star Seafood restaurant located in New Paltz, New York. Using the knowledge from four generations of family seafood experts and 60 plus years of seafood vendor relations Gadaleto’s Seafood Market in West Chester is able to provide the highest quality and best selection of seafood available at very competitive prices. Customer satisfaction has always been our family’s number one priority.

Five or six times a week Andy or a member of his staff leaves West Chester in the very early morning hours and travels to the freight terminal and wholesale fish market in Philadelphia to pick-up fresh seafood. The West Chester Market receives direct shipments of seafood from Florida, Boston, Alaska, Vancouver, Maine and other seafood vendor locations. Almost every day a shipment of seafood arrives at the West Chester Markets. The market trips and direct shipments allow Gadaleto’s Seafood Market to receive and sell a large selection of seafood products, which are typically, one to two days fresher than seafood found at chain supermarkets. Buying direct also allows Gadaleto’s to cut out the middlemen and sell their high quality products at competitive prices. Many of the best restaurants in the greater West Chester Area are supplied by Gadaleto’s Seafood Market. The heavy wholesale demand for fresh seafood provides the ability for the retail market to always sell only the freshest seafood available.

Friendly Helpful Staff

Andy Gadaleto takes pride in the fact that many members of his staff have extensive experience in the cooking of seafood. Gadaleto’s Seafood Market friendly staff enjoys providing customers with easy-to- use seafood recipes. Many people love eating seafood but do desire guidance on how to best prepare a seafood dish. The staff at Gadaleto’s takes pride in being able to help customers learn about the potential culinary delights of many seafood options. Having a party or need to prepare a really special meal --Ask Andy or our own Chef Kevin for great ideas

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